Labour Lawyers: Who Are They And What Do They Do

Labour LawyersLabour lawyers are law professionals who can be of great assistance to both workers and employers and can help them prevent, resolve and address a range of issues that are related to the employer and employee relationship.

On their part, business managers and owners need to consult with a labour lawyer when coming up with employment terms and policies including ones that are related to affirmative action, medical leave, hiring, sexual harassment, and compensation. At the same time, employers need the services of these professional when negotiating employment contracts, severance agreements, non-compete agreements and when resolving employment-related employee disputes.

As for workers or labourers, the services of labour lawyers are important and they should consider talking to one before the signing of any job-related contracts. At the same time, workers can hire the services of a labour lawyer when met with job-related issues that need to be addressed like harassment, discrimination, and unlawful termination of work, compensation for injuries incurred while at the work place amongst many other things.

It is important that we understand what it is a labour lawyer does in order to fully comprehend their services. Below is a list of some of the tasks labour lawyers address:

1. Advising corporations on their obligation towards the different laws that govern the civil rights of workers. It is their responsibility to ensure that companies comply to these laws so that they do not discriminate workers on the basis of their national origin, religion, gender, disability etcetera.

2. Advising companies on employment contracts. It is important that a labour lawyer be present or be included when a company is looking to go into contract with an employee to ensure that it protects itself from the employee taking trade secrets to the competition. Often, there are specific limitations and requirements that such contracts can contain and a labour lawyer can help the employer write a contract that will stand in court.
3. Representation of worker who have been wrongfully terminated from work. With the knowledge they have on labour laws and workers civil rights, labour lawyers can be of great assistance to workers who have been unlawfully or disgracefully discharged from work.

4. Representation of clients in events where the employment contract is questionable. If a worker is working under contract and an issue arises where his or her rights are in jeopardy, then a labour lawyer can represent either the worker or the employer in a contract breach case.
5. Reviewing employment contracts and advising clients on employment rights while recommending the affirmative and lawful legal actions to take.

Generally however, a labour lawyer helps bridge the gap between an employer and his employees through the handling and management of legal matters. Often, their main goal is to minimise the conflict and suits between employees and employers. At times, they may defend employers in federal and state courts or represent them before government administrative boards. All in all, labour lawyers are all-rounded legal experts that prove to be of great assistance to both workers and employers.