Top Tips On AEDs For Sale


AEDs more commonly known as Automated External Defibrillators that are known as life-saving equipment which allows lay-persons a method to save a life in the situations whereby previously only paramedics, nurses and doctors with types of specialized equipment could administer these tasks. Over the years AEDs for sale have become increasingly popular. Today, a large amount of industries and communities AEDs are now mandated as a law.

Features That Are Common With All AEDs

•All the AEDs are simple to use and make use of voice and visual prompts that can guide the individual through the process of a rescue and they all operate on a similar basis.

•All the newer AED models make use of a Biphasic Waveform. This means that a biphasic-twin-shock is regarded as the industry-standard.

•The new AEDs are able to perform what is known as an electronic self-test. This means that they test the batteries and circuitry regularly on an automatic basis. These AEDs for sale let the user know when it is ready for use using an audible or visual indicator.

•AEDs come with a 5, 7, 8 or 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

•AEDs make use of a voice prompt that enables the user to shock a patient successfully out of a cardiac arrest situation. However, not all the AED models will have the same voice prompts. Most of the AEDs will have voice prompts for all the steps that are carried out for CPR. Certain individuals prefer the detailed approach, while others prefer a simple approach.

•Every AED will consist of the basics. This will include the device, batteries and electrode pads. A few models also come with an additional electrode set, a carrying case and rescue kit. When you compare the AEDs it is advisable to look for what is included with the device in order to determine the value of AED.

•Cardiac arrest that occurs in children is typically rare, but it can happen. Every type of AED is able to defibrillate pediatric and adult patients. When using an AED on a pediatric patient, the level of the shock on certain units will be adjusted. For other types, the shock level will be adjusted when using pediatric specialized pads. It is advisable to purchase separate pediatric pads when the facility is commonly used by children.

•The batteries in AEDs and the life expectancy will contribute greatly to the overall cost of an AED. To conclude the annual battery cost average, the costs related to the battery should be divided by the battery life estimate.

•Some AEDs are rechargeable or come with a battery charger. However, these types are usually used by the EMS units or for the customers that anticipate a greater rate of use.

•Different models and brands of the AEDs use a different type of energy level in order to deliver a shock. However, regardless of the power-output, every new type of AED makes use of proprietary waveform in order to deliver the appropriate shock.