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BWS Manufacturing
BWS Manufacturing

EZ-2-Load Trailers are designed, engineered as well as manufactured by the company BWS Manufacturing. This privately-owned as well as managed company is committed and dedicated to providing outstanding value to all of their customers. They base their success on the way they are able to relate to their customers which results in the production of trailers that are known for their reliability and long-lasting features.

Over the last 35 years BWS Manufacturing has been able to gain as well as maintain the respect and trust of their customers that work in the fields that include road building, logging, construction, mining and the private-contracting industries. In the 1990’s BWS experienced repeated growth and then extended into a number of other product lines that included U-Body Dumps, container chassis, drop-decks and highway flatbeds and more.

In a decade BWS has managed to triple their revenue, expand their markets as well as the establishment of a sound reputation related to customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is based on being able to meet up with the needs of their clients as well as offering long-lasting value in the products they provide. The main part of their sales are associated with repeat customers.
Into the late part of the 1990’s BWS established what they called their 2000+ Strategy that involved an improved emphasis on expanding their markets involving a focus on specific innovative products that meet up with the niche requirements of the marketplace. Being a mid-size manufacturer that was interested in further expansion, they made use of their experience in meeting up with challenging technical issues. This resulted in the creation of products that address the unique challenges associated with their customer base and the use of technical innovation in order to escalate the functionality of their products on offer.


BWS Manufacturing Ltd. Known as truck-trailer manufacturers based in Centreville. This company was founded in the year 1993 and has been in business for as long as most of the typical truck-trailer manufacturers.


This organization generates around $15.9 million in their annual revenue that is estimated to be 10 times more than the other truck-trailer manufacturers. This figure places this organization in the top twenty percent of the businesses in this industry.


BWS Manufacturing has around 47 people. It has been estimated that the average business has around 3 to 9 employees that means that more individuals work at this organization when compared to the average businesses.

Revenue Per Employee

With annual sales volumes of $15.9 million, this actually means that with their 47 employees, the revenue for each employee is at $337,268. Average companies generate around $110.276 for each employee. This means that BWS makes about 3-times more revenue on each in employee when compared to the average business. This figure places this organization well in the top ten percent.

Randall McDougall bought BWS in 1993, from Burney his father and went onto extend the product-lines. In the year 2000, BWS released what was known as their patented Air Detachable Gooseneck trailer which solidified their position in this industry for being the first company to produce a detachable gooseneck that made use of only air power.